Sometimes only retail therapy will do

Becoming a parent is definitely like joining an unofficial club of sorts. On a recent rainy day retail therapy trip to Westfield Stratford I discovered how easy shopping can be with a baby.  Despite the fact that it was the last day of the Easter holiday’s and the parents and kids were out in force, I managed to navigate through the aisles with relative ease and got the biggest changing rooms going in the shops I tried clothes on in. After mostly wearing maternity clothes and slowly getting back in to my old clothes it was nice to update the wardrobe a bit! Prints are definitely having their moment at the moment!

The best discovery was the existence of ‘Parent Rooms‘ – something I never knew I’d be so grateful for! There are three in the main shopping centre and the larger department stores (M&S & John Lewis) have smaller ones too so you’re never too far should you be faced with the prospect of screaming bambino! The Westfield ones have breast feeding and bottle feeding rooms, couched areas with food warming facilities, nappy changing stations, parent and child toilets, a play area and CBeebies on the television. Brilliant! Just one gripe was the door itself wasn’t clearly signposted… maybe that was on purpose though to preserve the sanctuary of the ‘club’!

Here’s what they look like!

Private breastfeeding room - great chair!

Westfield private breastfeeding room – great chair!

Play area, parent rest area and nappy changing units

Westfield play area, parent rest area and nappy changing units

Nappy changing unit

Westfield nappy changing unit

John Lewis nappy changing area

John Lewis nappy changing area

Shared breastfeeding room

John Lewis shared breastfeeding room

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